What’s Beijing to Britain?

Beijing to Britain is the only weekly intelligence Briefing mapping UK-China relations. We analyse and aggregate relevant news, sift through and monitor Parliamentary output, collect snippets of intelligence, and present it all in a sharp Briefing note.

Our readership spans Wenzhou to Westminster: MPs and Peers, Whitehall, foreign Governments, Fleet Street and FTSE100 constituents. Beijing to Britain has been featured in the Spectator, Axios and Sinocism.

Don’t take our word for it.

Catherine West, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific

"Beijing to Britain is a welcome & valued resource looking at the importance of serious and contemporary thinking on the China-UK relationship."

James Kynge, Global China Editor, Financial Times

Beijing to Britain is an immensely useful guide to all aspects of the UK’s interactions with China, written with verve, wit and concision.”

Zichen Wang, Xinhua News journalist and author of Pekingnology

"Essential and comprehensive source on UK-China dynamics - I read it and recommend it."

Finbarr Bermingham, European Correspondent, South China Morning Post

"Beijing to Britain has become a vital resource for any journalist - or anyone in general - trying to keep track of the quickly-evolving UK-China relationship."

Julia Pamilih, Director of Research, China Research Group

Beijing to Britain is my go-to resource for keeping on top of what’s going on in UK-China relations. Incisive, sharp and concise.”

Join the politicians, analysts, China watchers and journalists reading about China’s impact in Britain.

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